The Waters Point, formerly Rio Bonito Resort, has been in The Meeks family since 1932. In 2015, Natalie and Matt purchased the property after the historical Memorial Day Flood. They went after their dream of opening a wedding venue and resort, and changed their name to The Waters Point. The name is an ode to both the “point” in the water on the property created by the confluence of the Blanco River and Cypress Creek, as well as to all of the arrowhead points that are scattered across the land from those that considered this place home centuries ago. 

In 2016, The Waters Point opened its doors officially, becoming the luxurious riverfront Hill Country wedding venue and resort it is today. The property now houses six newly renovated riverfront cabins. While trying to keep the integrity of the historic cabins that once were, the cabin interiors have been completely renovated and updated with new appliances and furniture. The Meeks plan to continue this family tradition by passing the property along to their two sons, Carter and Creek, when the time comes.